2a Maratonina Della Speranza - San Fior Treviso

E mentre il grosso della truppa si girava dall'altra parte al suono della sveglia, complice un abbassamento di temperature a doppia cifra, condito di venti abbondanti e spruzzato di pioggia, pochi indomiti hanno onorato questa manifestazione, organizzata nelle colline tra San Fior e Colle Umberto.

Il percorso, in massima parte asfaltato, non ha risentito delle condizioni atmosferiche, e così noi che abbiamo sfoderato una prestazione in progressione.

La famiglia è pure salita sul podio, con una vittoria nella 6 km di
Serena, piu' sorpresa che orgogliosa. Era alla sua prima uscita in una gara piovosa.

Ma leggiamo le impressioni dalla tastiera della protagonista:
"Back in Italy. Six-thirty Sunday morning was cold, grey, blustery and raining here in Mareno. Rats. Normally on days like these I choose to stay in bed instead of going out to run in one of our weekly local races. But I was hoping a 6K (4 mile) run might help me shake this jet lag. So off we went and holding my head down to keep my hat from blowing away, I ran out into the rain as Luciano took off on his 12K. The course took us through the usual narrow cobblestone streets, past your standard villa, along the rain swollen river and through a soggy forest. As usual, I was running alone, except for a man who was wearing short shorts, heavy cologne and carrying an umbrella. I kept passing him to get away from the cologne, but he caught up at the downhills (he had pretty long legs) and I felt like I was stuck in his perfume turbulence way too long.

Head down, I doggedly trotted along through the grey morning.

As I neared the end I had lost track of cologne guy and was running alone again, but noticed that it was strangely deserted at the finish line. Thinking all the finishers had hustled on home to get out of the cold, thoughts went through my mind to just stop at the car and call it a day. But I felt pretty good, so I kept on going. Suddenly a woman's voice came over the loudspeaker, "Attention! We have the first woman finisher of the 6K arriving now!" I was shocked as heads turned my way and almost stopped to see who they were talking about. I was alone. I crossed the line, winning my first race, ever. A little 6K race.

Abruptly I was surrounded by race officials asking for my name and registration.
"You are kidding me, right?" I said.
"No, you won. Congratulations!"

I think it is because all my competition slept in that morning, not the least of which the three other women in our running group who are super fast. But as Luciano said,
I got out of bed and that made all the difference."

san fior 6k
(foto cortesia di Erik)